Jolene Harnish continues her meteoric rise with the release of “BLUEBERRIES”

August 2023, Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada and born into a family of musicians, country artist and songwriter Jolene Harnish has been performing and entertaining since she could walk. Jolene is an accomplished performer and songwriter with an ability to engage listeners and take them on a journey through her stories of identity, hope, and encouragement. She has written with some of Canada’s top songwriters and is carving out a name for herself as one to keep an eye on. 

Blueberries is the second release that is part of a four song EP coming out in early 2024. Blueberries is a special song and was inspired by a secret code that she shared with her father when she was a little girl. Jolene shares that when her parents would have company over, she was given the floor for the first 15 mins to entertain, and when her time was up her dad would gently say “Jolene go pick blueberries”. She brings a unique indie country blend of sound and has a natural penchant for storytelling. Her performance is inviting, refreshing and genuine. Jolene Harnish is a rising star, and she will be gracing the stages of some Canada’s large festivals to share her songs and talent. Her recent song Heart Too Big To Break just hit national radio and her following is steadily climbing across all her social platforms. Keep an eye out for this emerging singer and songwriter as she continues her meteoric rise in Canadian Country Music.


Country artist and songwriter Jolene Harnish has been performing and entertaining since she could walk. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada and born into a family of musicians, she has been surrounded by music her entire life. 
Jolene is an accomplished singer and songwriter with an ability to take the listener on a journey and connect with them through her stories of identity and hope.
Jolene has graced the stages of large festivals, aired on national radio and Sirius XM radio, and has collaborated with some of Canada’s most prolific song writers and producers. 
And through all of Jolene’s accomplishments, awards, up and downs the one thing she hopes listeners will take away from her story is “it’s never too late to follow your dreams”.
 2023: Jolene releases ‘Heart Too Big To Break’ to all global streaming platforms.
2022: Jolene began working with RMM Artist Development. Mentor Roberta Michele is one of Canada’s top tier accomplished song writers, producer and vocal coach. Together, they have worked on a collection of songs with ‘Heart Too Big’ being the first release of the collection. 
2021: ‘Staycation’ was added to 171 country CBC Sirius Radio accompanied with a fun music video. Another self-written single was release titled ‘Home to Me’. 
2020: Already a marketing guru with her promotional company Cloud Nine Promotions Jolene launched a brand apparel line called Staycation Apparel which also inspired a new self-written single titled ‘Staycation’. This new business venture inspired her to pick up her love for music again. 
2009: Jolene released ‘On a Wing and a Song’ which hit East Coast country radio and was featured as a top 10 artist on the East Coast Countdown. 
2005: Jolene resided in Toronto and Nashville sharing her gift and performing. She also collaborating on songs with producers Rick Hutt and Thomas Wade. 
2004: Jolene was the lead singer in a rock band named Angel Fire. 
2001: Jolene recorded a three song EP title ‘You’re Starting Something’ and performed on the mainstage at Stan Rogers Folk Festival. Fun Fact: Growing up her parents would host parties and Jolene would perform for their guests singing anything from Madonna to Janie Fricke and Tanya Tucker.

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